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Searching Online Help



This topic explains the conventions used throughout this online help system.

Navigation List

In order to access a specific view of the Market Leader Admin user interface, most procedures tell you to click (e.g. Email) in the navigation list. The navigation list refers to the list of links that enable you to switch between the various functions. The following graphic shows the navigation list for RealtyGenerator. Depending on the product you use and your role, your navigation list might look different. (click to enlarge)

Log Out

To log out of the Market Leader Admin panel, click the Logout link in the banner of the web page.


The term panel is used to refer to a section of the user interface that contains a specific class of information (e.g. a list of links, a widget, nearby listings, nearby schools, monthly payments, and so on). A panel usually has a border or a different background color to separate it from the main content of the page. Panels often contain information ancillary to the main content and arrayed alongside (i.e. sidebar) the main content. You can also refer to the main content area as the main content panel.