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This section is to give some best practice and pointers to help you get started and succeed in the market place.

Every contact in the system has requested a pre-approval.
Inform the contacts how you got their contact information, so they don't think it's a cold call. Make sure they know you are responding to a pre-approval request from your real estate partner's website.

It's important to contact new contacts right away.
If you don't call or email new contacts within the first few hours they will more than likely forget they requested the pre-approval or have moved on to request information from other lenders. Set up alerts to be notified when you receive new contacts.

Include your full URL in welcome email.
Every contact receives an automatic welcome email with text that you can customize. If you have a secure online application, make sure to put the full web address (URL) in the Application Link text box on the Profile Info page of the Admin section.

Share comments with agents.
The more information you share with your agents the more info they will share with you. Remember to share comments with your agents to keep all parties in the loop and to make this process as efficient as possible.

Build relationships.
A good relationship with the agents on the system is essential for your success. If you have never met some of the agents on the system, set up a lunch meeting with the active ones and introduce yourself. The agents can send you contacts as well, so with the proper relationship in place you can double or even triple the contacts you receive. Before sending you contacts, agents need to know you and trust that you will handle the contact quickly and properly. So with a little face time and the proper use of the system you can be sitting on the web's best source of contacts possible.

See also Using Contact Page, Agent Manual: Commenting on Contacts, Contact Details Section