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The “Ten Days of Pain” Internet lead conversion plan is a high touch aggressive tool that is used to identify motivation levels and gather additional contact information so that Internet leads can be appropriately classified and converted to appointments.  For best results, follow the plan and take the time to customize the email scripts with information pertinent to the specific lead.  Even though it is easier to use the 10 Days of Pain (Email) campaign provided in the Marketing Center Professional library, agents report better results when they customize their follow-up with each unique lead.

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10 Days of Pain Lead Conversion Checklist

Day 1

Send the introduction email

  • For manually entered leads from other sources: use the Intro email
  • For Market Leader website generated buyer leads: customize your auto-generated welcome email and send the ICW

Send bank owned email or list of properties that fit your client's criteria
Search for the lead on Facebook and send them a short private message

Day 3

Send Open to Show email
Make follow up call and leave voicemail if no answer
Send first video email (if video mentions that you are available it can be combined with step 1)

Day 4

Send email with a Free CMA offer or relocation package
Attach a Just Listed Property list to email or via link

Day 5

Send a How am I doing? email
Include a list of "recently reduced prices" property list to email

Day 6

Take one day off during the plan. This can be put any day between Day 3 and Day 9

Day 7

Send Specialty Services email
Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers
Send a text message if you are confident in the phone number you have

Day 8

Send Specific Property email
Search other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and direct message them otherwise send another Facebook message if possible
Research their IDX activity

Day 9

Email Long Shot CMA message
Make another follow up phone call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers
Research their IDX activity

Day 10

Send Contest or Free Certificate email
Attempt contact once again via social media platform
Research recent IDX activity
Phone call for final call and leave a voicemail if nobody answers

Day 11+

Discard contact if not valid
Place contact into drip program if you have valid information for long term continued follow up
Change lead status to Active, Inactive, Hot or Trash
Label the lead as an A, B, or C lead in the sub-group field

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Phone Call Scripts

Intro Call

Code Block
Hello (name)

This will only take a second. My name is (Your Name) with (Brokerage Firm) and I just want to than you for visiting my real estate website and wanted to see if you had any questions about buying real estate in (insert your city)?

*ABC* Always Be Closing - attempt to set the appointment already

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Best Buy Call

Code Block
Hello (name)

Are you by chance interested in a really good deal? The reason I am asking is because I specialize in selling bank owned, foreclosures and short sale properties. In fact I have a list of the five best priced homes in (insert city) that I would love to show you. What is a good time for us to meet and go over these great deals? Would today be best or would tomorrow be better?

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Create Urgency Call

Code Block
Hello (name)

I just heard in the office about a great property that is coming on the market in the next week and I wanted to see if it fit your criteria before the rest of the general public and agents get to know about it.  Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can give you more information about this amazing deal.

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Last Chance Call

Code Block
Hello (name)

This is (Your Name) with (Brokerage Firm) and I have been attempting to reach you for the past 10 days and I am not sure that you are getting my phone calls or emails. If you would still like to receive the just listed, price reduced and best buy properties in our area please just call me or email me at (Your Email if it is simple) to start up again. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Email Template Scripts

To best use these scripts in your Market Leader system, scroll to the next section for instructions.

Tip: Include the words "Thank you" or "Sorry" in your subject line. They both have the highest open rates!

Day 1: Automated Welcome Email

(For all new ML website generated buyer leads - this is automatic)

Code Block
Thank you for registering on our website ( and we hope you enjoy unlimited access to all of the properties listed in the area. We are more than just this website and have many resources available to you as needed during your home search process. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at (Your Phone Number) to speak to a real person.

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Day 1: Initial Contact Wizard Email

(For all new ML website generated buyer leads - manually send this)

  • As there are many different options for this email, here are some sample scripts you can use:
    • 1-The default template
    • 2-the Day 1 Intro Email below
    • 3-Another option: 
Code Block
One of the benefits of working with us is that we will make sure you are  notified right away of properties that come on the market and fit your search criteria. Please do not hesitate to call us at (Your Phone Number) to let us know of any changes you would like us to make in the properties we send you.  

Once you see a property that you want to know more about call us or email us so we can take the next step.

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Day 1: Intro Email

Code Block
This will only take a second, my name is (Your Name) with (Brokerage Firm) and I just wanted to thank you for visiting my real estate website ( and wanted to see you had any questions right off the bat?

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Day 3: Open to Show Email

Code Block
Would you like to view some properties this week?

What day and times work best for you?

I am open this weekend and in the evenings during this week.

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Day 4: Free CMA - Relocation Package Email

Code Block
I just realized that I am not sure if you are from (insert your city) or if you are relocating into our area?

Two important things to note:
1) If you live locally and have a home to sell, I am more than willing to give you a free estimate of your home's value.
2) If you are relocating to (insert your city) I have an amazing relocation package to send you.

Which of these are you needing at the moment?

In the meantime, here are some just listed homes I thought you might be interested in: (insert URL to just listed properties).  

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Day 5: How Am I Doing Email

Code Block
I want to be sending you only the most relevant properties. Shall I adjust my search criteria for a better match to what you are looking for?

I have a opening tomorrow night if you would like to view some homes.

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Day 7: Specialty Services Email

Code Block
Many of my buyers feel that real estate websites only tell half the story about that home.

If you are not ready to start touring homes, I have a VIP buyer service you might really appreciate.

I can send you plat maps, tax information, videos, or additional photographs and sales history on any property that is for sale currently or has sold in the past.

Can you think of anything you might need right now? 

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Day 8: Specific Property Email

Code Block
Use IDX information to figure what type of property this lead was looking at and come up with a humorous subject line such as: Ugly Bank Owned Condo

I know of a bank owned condo that will be coming available soon. I think it will be under (insert price range for your area that is a great deal). Would you like to be the first to view this?

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Day 9: Long Shot Email

Code Block
This is a long shot but often people use our website to try and gain an understanding of their own home value. Is this the  case with you?

If so, I would love to give you a free online, no hassle estimate or an in-depth broker price opinion. Interested?

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Day 10: Free Certificate Email

Code Block
My office manager just gave me 2 free home inspection certificates that I can give out this week to buyers who would like to view homes on Saturday or Sunday with me. This is a great $300-$400 cost savings.

Are you available this weekend? 

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Day 10.1: Contest Email

Code Block
It's time for this month's trivia contest....

Remember the first 3 people to answer these questions correctly will get a free appraisal certificate from Bank XYZ (insert your own giveaway item).

Where in (your city) can you go to see (insert trivia question)?

All answers can be found by visiting! Make sure to include your mailing address so the prizes can be delivered.

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Facebook Message Sample

Code Block
Hi (name),

I just searched my email address book on Facebook and your profile showed up (insert something interesting from their profile page). You visited my real estate website the other day and I thought I would put a face to my name.

Really looking forward to meeting and helping you soon!


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Video Email Sample

Code Block
Hi there!

I just wanted to put a face to the name and let you know that I am a real person and just some automatic email system. I would love to talk about your potential move and see if I can help you find a great deal.

I am available this weekend, are you free?


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Implement the 10 Day Plan with Your Market Leader System

Incorporating the 10 Day lead conversion plan with your Market Leader system will enable you to make the most of every single Internet lead, no matter where you received them.  Take a few minutes to ensure you have set yourself up for success by following these best practice guidelines outlined below.

Please note there are many ways you could implement the 10 Days of Pain plan to convert more leads with your Market Leader system.  Please feel free to get creative and adapt your own methods to this…

You will need to do the following:

Customize your Email Signature and automated Welcome Email
Upload your 10 Days of Pain email scripts into your Email Quick Text templates.
Start the pre-built 10 Days of Pain (Activity): Lead Conversion Program campaign in your Marketing Center.
Organize and classify your new Internet leads.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Action Item Above

Set up your Email Signature, automated welcome Email, and Email Quick Text scripts.

  1. Got to Admin.
  2. Select the Email tab.
    1. Click on the Email Signature link to customize and save your signature.
      1. This will automatically append your signature to all the emails you send to your clients from the 10 day plan.
    2. Click on the Welcome Email link to customize both automated welcome email options.

Upload your email scripts for every day of your 10 day plan into your Email Quick Text templates.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select the Email tab.
  3. Click on the Email Quick Text link to create and edit new message templates, so they appear from the email pick list within our email compose form.
  4. Select Create New and fill out the information in the form.
    1. In the Template field, enter the name of the email template. (e.g. Day 1: Intro Email).
    2. In the Subject field, enter the email subject you would like your customers to see.
    3. in the Message field, copy and paste in the email script you wish to use.
  5. Training Tips
    1. Enter your templates in the order you wish to see them in your message template list. (For instance, enter Day 1: Intro Email first, then Day 3: Open to Show email second, etc.).

Start the 10 Days of Pain Activity campaign.
Note: When you add contacts to this pre-built campaign, it will prompt you with daily reminders on what your daily actions should be with your lead.

  1. Go to the Marketing tab.
  2. Select Campaigns.
  3. Click on the Build a New Campaign button.
  4. Under Choose a Pre-Built Campaign, expand the Lead Conversion section
  5. Select 10 Days of Pain (Activity): Lead Conversion Program.
  6. Click Next Step.
  7. Click Save Campaign.
    1. The 10 Days of Pain is designed for brand new contacts, so you will add contacts to the campaign when they first arrive in your account using the actions icon.

Organize and classify your Internet leads.

  1. Status overview:
    1. New: (Day 1) This is the status your new leads will be automatically saved as. When you respond to a new lead, you should change their status to Retry. This is the status they will remain in throughout the 10 Days of Pain.
    2. Retry: (Day 1-11) of being in your account. This is the status all of your leads going through the 10 Days of Pain will be in.
    3. Active: Leads that have responded and plan on buying or selling in the next 2 years.
    4. Inactive: Leads that have responded and do not plan on buying or selling in the near future or leads that have not responded/engaged but have good contact information.
    5. Hot: Leads that want to buy or sell as soon as possible.
  2. Sub-Group overview:
    1. A lead: Buying in the next 30 days
      1. Follow up with these leads every other day
    2. B lead: Buying in the next 30-90 days
      1. Follow up with these leads 2x/week
    3. C lead: Buying in 90 days or longer
      1. Send a weekly email to them and add to campaign

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