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inclib:Contact Listings

For a quick tutorial, watch the following video.

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The Contact Listings view shows Current Listing Alerts, Saved Listings, and Viewed Listings for a contact. In addition, it provides action buttons to Send Listings and to Add New Listing Alert. Listing alerts notify contacts of new MLS listings that match their search criteria. When a contact sets up a listing alert, the Market Leader system automatically posts a reminder in your account.
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To View Contact Listings

  1. Log into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click Contacts.
  3. In the contacts list, click a contact name.
  4. Click the Listings tab.

(warning) If a contact has saved a listing that is no longer on the market, the listing icon is grayed out ( Image Removed ).

How to Use Listings View:

In the Listings view, you can see listings a contact has saved or viewed (sorted by date). This view enables you to observe, analyze, and ultimately help a contact. Market Leader recommends contacting the contact and offering to show or provide additional information about the listings. The Viewed Listings information helps you gauge whether a contact is seriously looking for a home. For example, a contact might be consistently looking in one area, or always at a specific price range, or always looking at listings with a specific feature. Search consistency can signify that a contact has real interests and may be a valid customer. Conversely, random searches for million-dollar estates, trailer parks, land, commercial buildings, etc. might signify a less than serious home buyer.

(warning) A contact's Viewed Listings will be archived after 90 days. To view the archive, click the 'See More History' checkbox

Times Viewed

In addition to being able to see which listings a contact has viewed, you can see how many times a contact viewed a particular listing. In the Times Viewed column for Viewed Listings and Saved Listings, click the number to see a list of the dates that the contact viewed that listing.

(lightbulb) Peruse a contact Viewed Listings to understand what homes seem to be of interest to the contact, especially before using the Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) or sending recommended listings.
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