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If you have a list of contacts that you want to add to your Market Leader account, you can import the list in CSV format. You can use the following procedures to import contact data from a CSV file. For RealtyGenerator Business Suite  or TeamLeader users, please see your broker or team leader to use this feature.


  1. Log into the Market Leader Admin interface.
  2. In the navigation list, click on Contacts.
  3. In the action links, click Import/Export.

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  4. On the Import Contacts tab, select the settings to assign to each imported contact.

    To avoid confusion, it might be helpful to clear out your existing New contacts and use the New type for the imported contacts. Each imported contact receives an email that includes instructions on how to log into and use your website. You can edit the wording of this email.
  5. Using the Import File Type drop-down, specify the format of the file you want to upload.
  6. By clicking Browse, select an upload file.
  7. Click Import.


(warning) The import process is sensitive to the number of values in each line of an import file. Only change data values. Do not change the number of values in a line. In other words, be very careful not to add or remove field separators (i.e. commas for CSV).

Code Block

"FirstName","LastName","(206) 555-1212","206-555-1313","206 555 1414","123 Main","Totem Lake","WA","98034","125 Main","Totem Lake","WA","98034","127 Main","Totem Lake","WA","98034","","","","What, me worry?"