What's New

The What's New topic lists features released in Market Leader products dating back to February 2011. The features are in date order, most recent first.

October 2012

  • Users can add more than 2 social media links that are automatically included on marketing email, including the following

    • ActiveRain
    • Blogger
    • Google+
    • Digg
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • LinkedIn
    • MySpace
    • Pinterest
    • reddit
    • Other Blog
    • Twitter
    • WordPress
    • YouTube
  • The marketing email compose form now supports adding an image into the email body. Using the Image Insert icon, a user can upload an image to File Manager and select to include it in an email.

  • Users can select which default columns display for grids throughout the system. This helps users with smaller screens to see only the information they want.

  • Contact Summary contains a new free-form text field called "Category" that enables agents to apply a searchable category to a contact.

  • Advanced Search includes Category and Source fields.

    • Source field auto-completes on existing Source types. Start typing a source name and the tool suggests a completion.

  • Recently Active shortcut added back to Contacts menu.

  • Admin > My Account tab placement moved to beginning of section.

  • General Info, Alerts and MLS Administration moved from Website to My Account tab.

August 2012

  • Sellers' Market Report enhancements

June 2012

  • New contact types
  • New contact fields for seller data
  • Advanced search criteria
  • Market Insider subscription management

  • Prospect terminology changed to Contact

May 2012

  • Profile alert when contact provides phone contact information.

  • Marketing Center

April 2012

  • My Account (credit card management)
  • Community Content (custom content)
  • New contact and profile fields

December 2011

  • Agent Dashboard Visistat® Widget
  • Website Analytics (not available on eEdge accounts)

November 2011

  • New Navigation List
  • Enhanced MLS Search
  • Configurable Welcome Email
  • Configurable School Info
  • New option for Seller's Market Report

September 2011

  • Search Widget Choices

August 2011

  • Consumer Site Theme

July 2011

  • Consumer website Market Insider tab.
  • Market Insider section on Contact Summary view.

June 2011

  • Updated Reminders feature (Agent Dashboard)
  • HTML email

May 2011

  • MLS Administration
  • Additional fields in Contact Summary

February 2011

  • Search by Map (Consumer site & CRM) - Allow consumers & agents to search for listings using an interactive map
  • Price search using user-entered values - Allow user to enter price range to better match search to their needs
  • Clear indication of Listing Type - Foreclosure, Short Sale, Auction, Rental
  • Enhanced Listing Detail Page - School Info, Nearby Listings, Market Trends
  • Share Listing on Facebook
  • Additional homes & links on Home & Community pages
  • List Usability Enhancements - Back to List maintains sorting/filters, Adjustable list height