Below is a guide on responding effectively to your new seller leads with your Market Leader system based on best practices, tips and email scripts shared by top Market Leader customers.  Follow these recommended strategies, customize the emails and scripts and use the campaigns to engage more sellers and get them to interact with you.

Key principles

  • Respond immediately to new leads (Your goal is to respond within 5 minutes).
  • Provide information that is helpful and relevant to their needs.
  • Reach out in a variety of ways (phone, email, text, Facebook, etc.).
  • Take them off the scheduled activities and emails once they engage with you by a phone call, email, or text.  Follow-up with them based on their particular situation.

Two-Part Follow-up Strategy:

  • Phase 1:  7-Day Plan of Attack for Sellers
  • Phase 2:  12-Week Custom Email Campaign

Note: The goal of these steps is to get your contacts to respond to you.When you are able to engage a lead live, via phone or email, STOP the steps and replace the plan with your personal best practices that match that specific contact’s needs.

Phase 1: 7-Day Plan of Attack for Sellers

Day 1: Respond quickly, send home valuation and add to seller lead conversion campaign

Call as soon as possible (within 5-15 minutes whenever possible.) Leave a message if no one answers.

  • Voicemail:  “Hi—this is <your name> with XYZ realty—I just got your home value request from ABC website—and wanted to let you know I’m putting together a customized property report for you.  Is there anything you’d like to tell me about your property as I create this? If not, I’ll email it to you shortly.  I’ll also drop a copy off at your house sometime later today (edit this for your timeline)—so you’ll have a printed copy of your report.
  • No phone number? Try to find the phone number on Google, Whitepages,, etc.

Send Pre-CMA email

  • Subject: Your Customized <CITY>  Home Value Report 
  • Hi, thank you for your home value request on ABC website.  I’m on the road right now and will email your customized home value report as soon as I am back at my desk.  Is there anything you’d like to tell me about your property as I create this?  I’ll also drop a copy off at your house sometime later today (edit this for your timeline)—!   Thanks again for your interest in the value of your CITY home.

    You can also use my website to see homes that are currently on the market. <Insert agent website> To get access, I’ll sign you up with an account for my site and send you your login and password to get access to it shortly.

    Thanks again!

Resend the "Welcome Email" so they get their login and password to your website.

Research the lead’s contact and home value information

  • MLS: Check to see if the home is currently listed
  • Title Records: Review the title records to verify ownership and see how long they have had the house

Create and Email a home value estimate that has a broad range of value

  • Use whatever you’re comfortable with-- CMA, Seller’s Market Report, etc)
  • If you are mailing them the Market Leader Seller home value estimate, save the PDF version before you send the email version . Print out 2 copies of the PDF report (to mail/hand-deliver later)

Hand-deliver the above property report

  • Reason:
    • Demonstrate you level of service
    • Encourage them to explore web site resources available to them
    • Make sure they received the home value estimate … didn’t go into SPAM…
    • Answer any questions
    • Give you more accurate information
  • While there, take a picture of their home from the street
    • You can use this later to create a flyer, cover letter for a full CMA, postcard, and update your Communities Served page for their neighborhood

Add to the seller lead conversion campaign

  • This will prompt the following activities to automatically be scheduled on your dashboard.

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Day 3: Call, mail a note and email active listings

Call and leave a message

  • Voicemail:  “Hi—this is <your name> with XYZ realty—I just wanted to follow-up and make sure you received the home value estimate I dropped off a couple days ago.  Sorry I missed you—and just in case the dog ate it… I put a copy in the mail for you as well.  I do have some questions for you that would let me pinpoint your home’s price a little better. If you have any questions for me, please give me a call or shoot me an email.” 

Mail a hand-written note (on a piece of letterhead) thanking them for contacting you and ask them what they thought of the home value estimate you emailed or hand-delivered earlier. 

  • Include a hard copy of the report and 2 business cards

Email current active listings for the sellers’  neighborhood (goal: to get them on your website)

  • Subject: Homes for sale similar to yours 
  • Hi (contact name), this is (agent name) from (company)—I hope you have received the estimate of your home’s current value.  Just wanted to make sure you’ve seen the homes for sale that a similar to yours.   Feel free to use my site to see more information and other properties!

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Day 5: Email a link to Market Insider

Check to see if the lead is on the website.

Email them a link to Market Insider based on the zip code their home is in (where available).

  • Tip: Send link to market analysis tab on Market Insider.  

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Day 7: Call, add listing alert and subscribe to Market Insider newsletter

Call and leave a message

  • Voicemail: “Hi (contact name), this is (agent name), I just wanted to follow-up and make sure you received the property report with the value range of your home you requested from me earlier this week.  I mailed it, emailed it and also tried to drop it off at your doorstep—so I really hope you received it and got all the home value information you were looking for. It’s a pretty broad price range in it that I will definitely adjust and narrow down once we can meet and go over some questions I have that will help me pinpoint the price range for you.  Anyway—I’d really love to hear from you—whether you’re just curious, looking to refi, or even getting ready to sell your home.  I’d love to help you get on the right track if I can.  Here’s my best phone number…. Thanks and have a great day”

Add lead to receive a listing alert - set them up to be weekly.

Add lead to Market Insider newsletter for their zip code (where available).

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Phase 2: 12-Week Custom Email Campaign

Week 1 - Email

Subject: How much is your home worth today?

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Week 2 - Email

Subject: This may be a long shot but are you relocating?

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Week 3 - Email

Subject: Keeping an eye on homes like yours

Customization Note: This email assumes you've already put them on listing alerts for their neighborhood or are regularly sending them properties in their neighborhood. If you have not, adjust the language accordingly.

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Week 4 - Email

Subject: Phone number?

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Week 5 - Email (customization required*)

Subject: I’m really real

* Customization Note: Insert your local favorites into the text and an "about me" video if you have one.

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Week 6 - Email

Subject: Is this the time to sell?

Customization Note: Adjust the language so it is consistent with what your marketing is doing currently. If you hav Market Insider, your link will automatically work. If you don't, then you'll want to insert a link to a webpage where you have market statistic information. Also see the Week 6 alternate email.

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Week 6 - Activity Call

Send: 2 days after previous event
Body of Reminder/Activity
Call to confirm the home owner viewed and understood the market analytics information. Ask questions to engage, such as,

  • “Were you able to find the information about what’s happening in your area?”
  • “How do you think your home will compare to the market?”
  • “What’s your timeline to sell? That will impact the value you could get.”

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Week 7 - Email

Subject: How much can you get for your house?

Customization Note: Adjust the key factors as needed.  Add your cell phone number. 

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Week 8 - Email

Subject: Thinking outside of the box for you

Customization Note: Update this email with your greatest strengths as a listing agent and key questions you'd like them to answer - but be careful not to overwhelm them with too many questions. Think about engaging questions that would be fun for them to answer.

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Week 9 - Email (customization required*)

Subject: Interested in free staging?

*Customization Note: Make sure you are comfortable offering “free staging”. Customize it with your own free giveaway.

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Week 10 - Email (customization required*)

Subject: Negotiating on your behalf

*Customization Note: Add your own customer testimonials.

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Week 11 - Email

Subject: How to get help selling your home

Customization Note: Make sure your contact information is correct.

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Week 12 - Activity

Activity Title: The Seller Lead Conversion Campaign has ended
Body of Reminder/Activity:

The Seller Lead Conversion Campaign has ended. We recommend that you put this contact on a new campaign.
Suggested campaign: Long Term Sellers

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Alternate Emails (no customization required)

Week 6 - Email

Subject: Is this the time to sell?

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Getting Started with the Seller Lead Conversion Plan

Steps to set-up your account to be ready to use the Seller Leader Conversion Plan on your next seller lead:

  1. Create Quick Text email templates out of the following emails:
    1. Day 1: Pre-CMA
      1. Note: We recommend you create different version of this email for each seller source you may receive (i.e. "Pre-CMA for HouseValues leads; Pre-CMA for Trulia leads; Pre-CMA for blog leads, etc.).
    2. Day 3: Homes for sale similar to yours
    3. Day 5: Market statistics in your area
  2. Customize and start your Seller Lead Conversion Campaign so it's ready to go and 1 click away when you get a new lead.
    1. Note: There are two versions of the Seller Lead Conversion campaign available for you in your Marketing Center; a custom one that requires customization and a generic one that does not. Regardless of the one you use, we highly recommend customizing your emails in your own words. Also, the custom one assumes you have Market Insider, so if that feature isn’t available to you, use the generic one and customize it.
  3. Decide which property report you will use to respond to the home valuation request. Whichever you use, remember to keep the price range broad!
    1. Option 1: Use your own preferred report.
    2. Option 2: Seller's Market Report. This is a template with limited customization, but will automatically generate active and sold comparables for you to choose from.
    3. Option 3: Sellers’ Home Valuation. This is fully customizable and prints off on one page beautifully. This can be found in the flyers section of the Marketing Center.

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