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The key to building a great website is making a clear path with engaging content to encourage consumers to go from one page to the next – lighting the way to the information they're looking for. Your Market Leader website has everything you need to build the perfect journey for your audience.

Create Listing Search URL’s

Create listing search URL's that you can then hyperlink, to lead consumers to listing search results. For example, if you have content for a specific neighborhood, create hyperlinks to these search URL's, so consumers can easily find their way to relevant listings.

In addition to hyperlinking listing search URL's, you can create hyperlinks to other pages on your website, including Market Insider, custom pages, or your Sell Page. Hyperlinks are an excellent way to lead consumers through your website and boost SEO.

Add Images to Your Website

Since consumers are very visual, images are a great way to capture their attention, while adding visual context to the content on the page. You can add images to various pages on your website, and you can hyperlink images too!

Add a Video to Your Website

Video is a great way to showcase listings or neighborhoods, tell consumers about yourself, and even highlight video testimonials from clients. Adding a video to your Market Leader website is easy, and videos can do wonders for SEO.

Feature Listings on Your Website

You can choose to feature your listings on your website, and if you don't have any listings, you can also choose to feature your office's listings. This is a great way to showcase specific listings, as well as provide additional value for consumers.