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Linking to Market Insider

Sending a link to Market Insider in an email to your customers is a great way to provide them relevant, useful information about the area that they are looking in. This will help drive your customers back to your website, ensuring they stay active and engaged.

How do I insert a link to Market Insider in my email?

To insert a link to Market Insider into an email requires you to complete three steps:

  1. Compose an Email to a Contact
  2. Copy the Market Insider URL
  3. Create a Hyperlink in Your Email

1. Compose an Email to a Contact

The first step is composing an email to your contact. To get started:

  1. From your contact detail page, select Send Email.
  2. Compose an email, directing people to your Market Insider section of your website.
    Example from Day 5 of the Seller Lead Conversion Plan
    “Hi, I thought you might be interested in market statistics where you live. Many of my customers find it helpful when they are thinking about selling or refinancing.  My website has some great information—feel free to play around!  View market stats in your area.
  3. Next, highlight the portion of the text you wish to make a hyperlink to your Market Insider page.
    In our example, highlight the text "View market stats in your area."
  4. Select the chain link icon in your email editor tool bar.
  5. The Insert Link window will open.

2. Copy the Market Insider URL for a specific zip code.

Next, you'll be copying the Market Insider ULR for a specific zip code. This URL is unique for each zip code you enter.
  1. Open a new browser window.
  2. Navigate to your website and select the Market Insider tab.
  3. Enter the zip code you are using and click the Search button.
  4. Highlight and copy the entire website URL in your browser. This is the link you will be using in your email.

3. Create a Hyperlink in Your Email

The last step is to create a hyperlink in your email, by pasting the URL you just copied. To do this:

  1. Click back over to the tab that your Market Leader account is still open in.
  2. Paste the Market Insider URL that you just copied into the URL field in the Insert Link window.
  3. Click OK and your highlighted text will now be hyperlinked when you email it to customers.
  4. When ready, click Send Now.