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Think back just a few short years. Most real estate professionals were probably working out of a traditional brick-and-mortar real estate office, sitting at a desk, and greeting potential clients as they walked through the door. Leads were generated face-to-face, by cold calling, or through referrals, and all of their business revolved around the traditional workplace.

How quickly things change.

Today, you may work from a traditional office setting, but you probably also do a lot of work on the go—from your smartphone, your laptop, and your home office. Many of your leads are likely generated on the Internet, and your website plays an increasingly important role in lead conversion. Never in the history of the industry has the landscape shifted so quickly. But, even though the details have changed, have your clients’ needs really changed that much? Probably not.

Think through recent conversations you’ve had with clients. They’re still looking for the guidance and expertise of a trustworthy real estate professional who can anticipate their needs, answer questions, and  find them the home of their dreams.

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